Sunday, 29 January 2012

Progress: 001:002

I've recently had some people ask me about how to keep the fine lines and lighter tones 
in a drawing when transferring it to a digital medium.
Often people (including myself) want the backgrounds to be white, 
but can't get this effect without sacrificing much of the finer tones and lines. 
For me, as my drawing style tends to be very delicate and light, it's very important not to loose any of this.
I find that the best way is to start off scanning your image on a good quality scanner. 
I recently got a Cannon Lide 210 A4 scanner which is brilliant for picking up image quality 
and was a vast improvement from the one attached to my boyfriends old printer which I was previously using!

After that I'll bring my image onto Photoshop and adjust the levels.
However, I'll only do this as far as I can push it without losing too much detail.
If I still have any dark tones that I don't want, I'll use the burn tool and only focus on the problem areas.
Sometimes there's still that stubborn part which I will have to zoom right up to and rub out carefully.
It also helps to have a graphics tablet for better control of the tools.

Above I've posted some progress pics of some illustrations I'm currently working on.
The second one is Kate Moss wearing Lois Vuitton, sitting on THAT CAROUSEL




  1. The drawings are both wonderful! You are very talented. I'd love to see the drawing of Kate Moss finished, I think it will turn out really great :)

  2. lovely drawings xx

  3. I nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

  4. just lovely