Friday, 18 March 2011


More sketches from my final Major Project.
Taking inspiration from Egon Schielle and Klimt.
Possibly my two favourite artists.
I'm looking at making conventional imagery unconventional.
In other words, making people look a bit weird instead of beautiful

New Things

Last week I received an Etsy purchase through the post.
I was so pleased with how it had been packaged.
It really makes the purchase special.
Also I've posted pictures of my seven virtues piece original,
I used a sewing machine to piece all the bits together.


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Seven Deadly Sins

Here is the Seven deadly sins chart!
It is the same layout and style as the virtue chart.
Only darker..
I have used symbols such as the three of swords from tarot cards and a snake
to represent the darker side of us females!

Although I think my tutor wants me to go all feminist for the project, I'm unsure.
It's not at all where I wanted to take it.
I think I shall just carry on creating illustrations that I think are relevant
and choosing subjects that I think are beautiful or interesting.

So far all the versions I've posted are digital but I have some pictures to post of the "real" versions.
iIn these I have used a sewing machine to stitch all of the pieces together,
as they were drawn separately.


Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Seven Heavenly Virtues-Final

Oh lord! It seems to have taken me ages to get to this point,
but I have finally finished my seven virtues illo, which tells of all the virtues.
I have a terrible presentation to give on my project tomorrow
so I hope this will help me explain.
In the four outer circles I have chosen things which represent some of the virtues.
The bee and bird, for diligence and hard work,
The clock for patience, and the padlock for temperance and chastity.