Monday, 30 April 2012


Progress 004: Watercolour inspired by Bluemarine.
Soon to be available as a print, 
and also original for sale.
So keep a lookout over at my Etsy store


Amethyst Moon

A new print is available over in my Etsy store.
I've applied pencil and silver paint over the top, 
making it truly unique.
Just clicke HERE to view it!


Leopard skin hat

After looking through a load of files on my computer, 
I came across this drawing which I drew ages ago. 
Normally I hate anything that Ive created in the past 
 but I still quite liked this one. 
I like how rough it looks.


Monday, 23 April 2012

Flower Maiden

I'm very excited to show everyone this one!
and now "Flower Maiden" is available to buy from my Etsy store.

This is a mixed media piece, The main drawing is a print which I have 
then worked over with pencil and gold ink. 
The original is a pencil drawing.

I've been inspired very heavily by the Art Nouveau movement.
In particular by some of my two favourite artists, Mucha and Klimt.

This was my "prototype" version to see how it would look 
before committing to getting it printed out larger.

There will be larger versions of this available to buy 
within the coming week hopefully, 
so keep your eyes peeled!


Thursday, 19 April 2012


Some new perfume bottle illustrations here,
I created them using pencil ink and water colours.

They are all now available as prints form my Etsy store!
I sometimes wish I had my own powder room 
and I would have stuff like this all over the walls!


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Progress 003:

The current illustration I'm working on,
based on a Valentino couture show.
Hopefully, soon to be a print.


Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Here are some more sketches I have done today.
My it's been a very productive day indeed!
The top image is based on a picture from the 
Spell and the Gypsy look book.

And the other is from a random pic I came across 
and have been meaning to draw for a while!


Givenchy SS/12

This is just a quick sketch I did today which I coloured digitally.
It's from the Givenchy SS/12 haute couture collection which is 
absolutely stunning!

I so want to draw this image in a lot more detail and with much 
finer lines to get a real sense of what the dress is like.
However I know that will probably take me a whole week,
 so I've just done this one for now!

I felt quite annoyed with myself today as I literally 
have a whole mental list of about a hundred things I need/want to
draw and never get round to doing.
So the answer is...stop taking to long and being so precious
 about every little thing I draw...and just sketch them!