Sunday, 27 June 2010

polka dotty

Another in my black white and red fashion illustrations. I'm drawing like a mo'fo' before I go away cos i'm worried I wont get as much time to do so while i'm away.

Saturday, 26 June 2010


Another sketch from my moleskine journal. Oh and in two days time..i'll be in new york, where I hope to snap some interesting photographs which i'll no doubt be posting or using as reference for my illustrations.

Friday, 25 June 2010

in your veins

The second part of a series of fashion illustration portraits

Thursday, 24 June 2010

While the blood is running warm

This is my final version of my previous sketch. I've cleaned it up a little and added a nice dash of red. I think this would be perfect for a t shirt! So that's my next aim when I get back to screen print this mo'fo' onto a t-shirt!

Holy Moley

More moleskin sketches. I'm getting into this now! although i'm finding being left handed rather annoying when sketching darker areas. smudge city. This one's my favourite so far.

Moleskine happenings

Here are some recent sketches from my moleskin journal. I'm not at home now so i'll be working small-scale for a while. I usually prefer to work larger but i'm getting used to doing it this way. People are probably my favourite subject to sketch so i've decided to do a series of sketches of just that. I'm heading to L.A. soon so I hope to be able to capture some pretty interesting characters! I'm taking my water colours and I really wanna make time while i'm out there to continue drawing and painting. I'm usually rubbish at keeping it up on holiday (I'm far to distracted) but as i'm there for a month it should be doable!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Wasting your time

Inspired by the t-shirt range by Danny Roberts + Forever 21 I have been working on my own fashion illustrations that have been inspired by fashion bloggers' posts. This particular one was based on a fashion look posted onto lookbook (for which there is a link at the side there) by llymlrs. I then discovered her rather wonderful blog, full of looks and fashion tips. you can check it out at
Also, does anyone know of a way I could get my illustration and others, like this one which are rather detailed, onto a t-shirt? I have access to a screen printer but don't know if this would be the best way? Any thoughts people?
Anyways, there are a few more similar illustrations I'm working on so watch this space for further posts!

Danny Roberts+Forever 21 Competition WINNER!!

I am rather chuffed to be one of the winners of these fabulous t-shirts, designed by Danny Roberts in collaboration with forever 21. There were five designs in total and i chose the alice Point design. Here is the post from the BlogLovin blog where you can see the reason i gave as to why I should be the proud owner of such a T. I can't wait to wear it now!

June 15th, 2010
We got so many amazing entries for the Danny Roberts + forever 21 competition, and if we could we would give a t-shirt to every single one of you. But alas, we only have five of them.

“I would have loved to win the Fashion Squad tee, because she gives me so much inspiration in her outfits and her pictures, she also gives me the courage to go with the clothes I want to go with, and I am always so happy after I’ve visited her blog! :)” – Hanna

“I would love to win Pandora’s shirt, because of how incredibly inspirational her blog is! The fusion of high art and fashion is a match made in heaven!” – Justyna

“I see a tee with an image of me.
She has black hearts on the cheek, for whenever she feels week.
She wears pink lipgloss and love to floss. I like her, because she resembles me quite well and right away put me on a spell. Please pick me, ‘because I’m addicted’ ” – Christina

“I would love to win the Style Bytes tee. It’s simply so inspirational and displays true elegance and mystery of women, which is something I truly admire ;) I am extremely inspired by this work !” – Jessica

“I would so like to win Alice Point because I can use it as a second face when i’m not feeling up to talking or reacting to people! :D and because it’s stunning!!” – Melissa

Friday, 11 June 2010

Beth Jeans Houghton

I did this a while a go but i've retouched it on photoshop because I thought it deserved it. I drew it from an article in Notion magazine about newcastle based folk singer beth Jeans Houghton. It was based upon an amalgamation two pictures. enjoy :)

Fashion Photomagrams

Ok, so not illustrations but, these are my own photographs taken by me, for my fashion photography module. The model is my friend Jemma who kindly loaned me her services (and her wardrobe) for the day. The theme I chose was eccentric, eclectic style, which sums up british fashion at it's best I think! After the shoot I tweaked a few here and there, and some I tweaked a lot, which you will see later. There are many more to come but here's a quick taster in the mean time :)
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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Lover's Death

pencil drawing inspired by a photograph i randomly came across