Thursday, 24 June 2010

Moleskine happenings

Here are some recent sketches from my moleskin journal. I'm not at home now so i'll be working small-scale for a while. I usually prefer to work larger but i'm getting used to doing it this way. People are probably my favourite subject to sketch so i've decided to do a series of sketches of just that. I'm heading to L.A. soon so I hope to be able to capture some pretty interesting characters! I'm taking my water colours and I really wanna make time while i'm out there to continue drawing and painting. I'm usually rubbish at keeping it up on holiday (I'm far to distracted) but as i'm there for a month it should be doable!


  1. really nice sketches, i love how you draw

  2. thanks, I took your advice in photographing my work instead of scanning it in. i think it works a lot better in this instance.