Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Danny Roberts+Forever 21 Competition WINNER!!

I am rather chuffed to be one of the winners of these fabulous t-shirts, designed by Danny Roberts in collaboration with forever 21. There were five designs in total and i chose the alice Point design. Here is the post from the BlogLovin blog where you can see the reason i gave as to why I should be the proud owner of such a T. I can't wait to wear it now!

June 15th, 2010
We got so many amazing entries for the Danny Roberts + forever 21 competition, and if we could we would give a t-shirt to every single one of you. But alas, we only have five of them.

“I would have loved to win the Fashion Squad tee, because she gives me so much inspiration in her outfits and her pictures, she also gives me the courage to go with the clothes I want to go with, and I am always so happy after I’ve visited her blog! :)” – Hanna

“I would love to win Pandora’s shirt, because of how incredibly inspirational her blog is! The fusion of high art and fashion is a match made in heaven!” – Justyna

“I see a tee with an image of me.
She has black hearts on the cheek, for whenever she feels week.
She wears pink lipgloss and love to floss. I like her, because she resembles me quite well and right away put me on a spell. Please pick me, ‘because I’m addicted’ ” – Christina

“I would love to win the Style Bytes tee. It’s simply so inspirational and displays true elegance and mystery of women, which is something I truly admire ;) I am extremely inspired by this work !” – Jessica

“I would so like to win Alice Point because I can use it as a second face when i’m not feeling up to talking or reacting to people! :D and because it’s stunning!!” – Melissa


  1. Jealous :)
    I love Danny Roberts ox

  2. ahaha I literally just put in a daft comment at the last minute! and I won :D it literally made my day!