Thursday, 15 December 2011

Hello there....

It's been a while since my last post
so I'm breaking the fast with a pretty quick sketch that I did recently.
It's not that i've not been drawing, but more that I'm 
not loving anything I'm coming up with at the moment. (sad face)

I'm already looking to the new year with a few resolutions.
Here goes:
1. Do a drawing a day..and post it!
2. enter as many illustration competitions as is physically possible.
3. Improve my etsy store.
4. get up early!!! (like seven)

I'm sure to come up with more things but I think this will do for now!

Also I just want to say thank you to anyone who posts comments to me!
I love reading them.
Love you all <3





  1. i do admire your illustrations. I am still trying to improve mine (and failing miserably cos I'm lazy and i am never happy with the outcome) you should be proud of yours though! they are always amazing! i had a creative block the other day and i blogged about it, please have a look if you like :) xx

  2. Your resolutions are the same as mine! And I love the drawing! You are great, even though I agree the creative people are the biggest critics for themselves - I`m in the same boat! Rarely do I like my drawings... Yet other people seem to like them!


  3. pretty! like its ombre hair, pink and blonde- interesting. :)

    liking your new blog header

    xo katrina