Saturday, 29 October 2011

Happy Halloween!!

I'm sooo excited as tonight I'm hosting a Halloween Party!
My theme is Mexican day of the dead,
or El dia de los muertos!

I will no doubt post some pictures of all the outfits and the decorations.
I'm in the middle of preparing margaritas and some mini food for my guests.

The illustrations above are from last year
But I thought as to get everyone into the halloween spirit, here they are again.

If anyone has any other interesting themed H parties 
Let me hear about them!
I'm already planning next year!



  1. I`ll be waiting for the pictures from the party! So much fun! xXx

  2. WOW these are great! That top one is beaut and also haunting. I actually idolise your illustrations! I wish I could do more illustrative art for my A level but it really is a focus on Fine Art, so lots of abstract painting etc ..wish im not such a fan of!


  3. oh wow that looks amazing!!

  4. These are so amazing! You are super talented. The first one is especially stunning.

    Feel free to comment/follow

  5. I absolutely love these! You are so talented. Wishing you the best xx