Friday, 23 March 2012

My new home











I decided to share some pics from inside my new flat!
It's mainly all of the random objects that I seem to have collected recently 
that I am most fond of.

I'm a real sucker for anything vintage or unique and also love it when I can get a bargain!
So here they are...

1.First is a signed photograph from the 1920's which reads 
"all my love, Yeavette" (my flatmates hate it)

2. My beloved books and a phrenology head used as a book end

3. A sheep skull 

4. The only plant that I haven't killed in a vintage teacup

5. Vintage brass deer 

6. Metronome from my Nana

7. Vintage framed butterfly

8. A collage I created using old sheet music covers and magazines

9. Pics printed using our polaroid inkless printer

10. Framed artwork on my bedroom wall

11. My Guitar!

12. And finally me!


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