Monday, 6 June 2011

New website Design!

This was changed a few weeks ago,
but `i'm only just catching up with all the things I've been meaning to do!
My new website design!
I always like a fresh change and I'm very fond of this illustration.
I kept my title font but changed the link font to a more 'Scawly' one.


  1. cute illustrations, lovely blog ! :)

  2. Wow! My girlfriend would love the design of your site… It's simple, fashionable and creative!! How's business going? I can tell that you've gotten a lot of attention now… 'Cause when I searched your name, your site came first in Google. That's good!

    Lawrence Spring

  3. Its unique and catchy design will definitely make it a hit. And the fact that you came first in the search is definitely a good thing. I won’t be surprised if some website owners run to you and ask for help on their designs and illustrations. =) Keep up the good work!

    Darcy Grubaugh

  4. Girly! :D Do you have the link for your website? The “Visit my web site” link won’t open. :( I really wanted to visit the actual site. This homepage is already eye candy and I’m supposing those 6 other pages are so appealing too. Ugh, I wish I could see the whole site.

    Kelly Storie

  5. Hi Melissa! :) I like that chick on your website. Haha! I feel like I am that girl, as that’s the outfit that I usually wear. :) I like the design of your website as well. It’s simple, but you can still feel the elegance there. That’s what makes a good website. No need to fill it with so much color. Keeping it simple is great!

    Jamie Viggiano