Thursday, 19 May 2011

Representing Women

OMG this is the end result of my final major project!
It came today, I used blurb for the actual printing and binding.
I made my own book last year and it looked far too make shift,
so this time around I went with the pros!
Apart from two teeny tiny spelling mistakes and one image being too close to the gutter,
It looks good, like a real, proper, actual book!
I'll create a digital version soon so the world can view it!
Also I've decided I'm going to start working on another book,
as this one has turned out so good,
but this one will be completely tutors opinions of what to put in! nothing!
just me, and the drawings I love to do.
I plan to sell it on my etsy watch this space!



  1. oh my goodness this looks soo good!!

  2. This looks so good! When I was looking at the photos I was thinking 'I have never heard of this book'. This is such a great achievment! Congrats.

  3. I lack words to describe how great your talent:)))) where you can buy this book?

  4. Thank you all. It's good to have a nice finished product at the end of a long project!
    There's non for sale yet, but hopefully soon there will be!

  5. i'd love to have an example of your book!!!

  6. Seriously, you are truly AMAZING. Im totally a new fan and we need to keep in touch! I have so many question to ask you!
    Do you have a facebook account?! :)
    Once again your work is fantastic and really inspiring!
    bisous xoxo
    Your new friend from Qu├ębec!
    Karima :)