Wednesday, 27 April 2011

ACHE magazine

Check out the new issue #2 of ACHE magazine!
I have been featured in this lovely publication!
ACHE is a quarterly fashion/arts/writing magazine
created to promote brilliant young minds from around the world!

I'm especially loving the illustrations of Anne Pajuvali! so beautiful!
And also some great fashion inspiration!



  1. Oh what a lovely magazine :) I love your spread & I agree with you about Anne Pajuvali! Ahh I wish I was able to draw like that.. anyways I've always loved your drawings & I'd like to buy your 'Let Your Ghost Run Free' drawing from etsy as soon as I get paid on the 4th, I had it on my Chirstmas list but our inernet broke & I couldn't get it so I was stunned to see that it was still for sale.. I live in Crookhill & I'm certain I've seen you round, anyways I'll lookforward to purchasing next week! x

  2. Awesome magazine! :-) Gratulations with the feature!

  3. OOh cool! It's not on there atm but I'll put it back on for you. Haha I could probably just drop it off at your house, it's so close!

  4. Well you can if you like it'll save you on postage :) if you'd like to I think I have you on facebook 'becky costigan' i'll give you my address xx