Friday, 7 January 2011

I simply remember my favourite things...

After getting a new digital camera the other day
I was prompted to show off some of my christmas presents to everyone!
Firstly I got an 80's romper! perfect for wearing for bed or as a beach cover up I think.
I also got an awesome bag, (I think I let out a little whimper when I opened it) from my sister.
It is hand tooled vintage leather,has a saddle and stirrups! I call it my 'saddlebag'.
I've attached my coyote's tail to it.
Not pictured is a beautiful vintage fox tail which is huge and is currently attached to my most large of bags.
Under that is some Jewellery; an antique polo broach, a gold triangle necklace (from etsy),
and I also got a double fingered ring which says love!
Finally is my Mr Pink Diana Flash camera. I also got a black holga which is great for easily slipping into your bag.
Expect to see some of my lomography (probably poor at first) up here soon!


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