Thursday, 2 December 2010

My Birthday weekend

So Last sunday it was my birthday! Hurray!
And even though the snow attempted to ruin everything
I had a brilliant time!
I went to Manchester on the saturday (where there was no snow, thank god)
with my bf, we went to see Ratatat at the Deaf institute which, might i add,
has the most spectacular collection of wallpaper. The "good Dolly, bad Dolly"
which featured in the ladies toilets was my favourite!
AND there was a giant glitter ball above the dance floor.
As far as presents are concerned I trawled the vintage shops of Manchester and ended up with a
beautiful mink fur trapper hat courtesy of my bf (sorry if you don't like fur, but it's vintage so i'm cool with it).
Also I got a gorgeously illustrated book called " Fifi Lapin- Style secrets of a furry fashionista"
and an amazing aron jumper with leather studded shoulder pads!
It shall surely keep me warm in this cold weather!


  1. happy bday!!!!!!
    i like fifi lapin!!!

    xx Marina

  2. Manchester is where it's at :) glad you had a good birthday Fifi is the cutest xxxxxxxxx