Friday, 28 May 2010

Alien women all skinny and shit

Just been playing about with elongation and making people look all weird and skinny


  1. urgh, i wrote a long comment and its naffed off :S anyway second attempt:

    this looks really amazing, have you thought of photographing your work rather than scanning it? your book looks a little visually confusing because of the way it blurs in the center (looks like its behind the cover in a way, if you get what i mean)

    the book also has a thin white rim that runs around the dark 'shadow thats bee cast by the pages, it detaches it from the bottom layer. also the book doesn't cast any shdow on the cover, further detaching the book from the leather cover. maybe try burning around where the book meets the cover.

    the drawings are fastastic, i especially like the left image, however i thing the pink you have used pushes out against the image and is a little distracting. the colouring on the right image is better in this respect on the right image (imo)

    okay sorry for being really critical but i like your work in general and i love this image. I hope this is helpfull. ;)

  2. thanks for the comment, i'll take it on board!